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Elizabeth is the author of one book of criticism, two of poetry, and three of nonfiction. Her essays, poems, and articles have appeared widely in a variety of journals and magazines. Her regular column, “Almanac,” appears at Terrain.org.

Horizon's Lens: My Time on the Turning World

boxIn a lyrical memoir and meditation on the nature of time and place, Elizabeth Dodd explores a variety of landscapes, reading the records left by inhabitants and by time itself. In spring in the Yucátan peninsula, she marks the equinox among the ruins of the Maya. In summer in the Orkney Islands, she considers linguistic and historic connections with Icelandic sagas. In tallgrass country in the fall, she observes bison and black-footed ferrets returning to their ancestral landscape. In winter in the canyons of the Ancestral Puebloans, she notes the standstill positions of the sun and the moon.

Ranging across continents and millennia, Dodd examines how people have inscribed the concept of time into their physical environments, through rock art, standing stones, and the alignment of buildings on the landscape.

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In the Mind's Eye:Essays across the Animate World

boxIn this collection of exquisite essays, Elizabeth explores the natural and human history of sites in the American Southwest, the caves of southern France, the Kansas grasslands, and the forests of the Pacific Northwest. In the Mind’s Eye considers the artistic and creative impulses of those who preceded us, making sense of the different ways in which they—and we—express our experiences of landscape in words and images.

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Archetypal Light Poems

boxElizabeth’s world stretches from the lightless cave home of the eyeless, transparent fish known as a blindcat to the imagination of painter Georgia O’Keeffe. Her closely observed images, deep understanding, and sympathy for the natural world, the rhythms of geologic time, and the seasons of the living year are linked in these poems to the vagaries of the human experience, the mysterious truths of life, and the potential of the human heart.

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Other Books

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Readings, Publications, & other news

Elizabeth's essays, poems, and articles have appeared widely in a variety of journals and magazines. Among her various awards, she has received two Kansas Arts Commission master fellowships in poetry, the Elmer Holmes Bobst Emerging Writer Award, the William Rockhill Nelson Best Nonfiction Book Award, the McGinnis-Ritchie Award for Nonfiction, and her work has been cited in Best American Essays.

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Elizabeth will be a member of the conference faculty at the Kachemak Bay Writers' Conference, June 8–12, 2012.

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Fall 2011
Soon and Later: (1)
(Soon) Elizabeth will give a nonfiction reading at 6 p.m., October 3, at Western Michigan University. Read more

(2): (Later) Visit the blog for some 2012 readings, as well as other news.

March 2011
Two things: (1) Elizabeth will give a nonfiction reading at 5 p.m., April 21, in the Horizon Room of the Williams Center at SUNY Fredonia.

(2) The essay Constellation appears in the online journal Ascent.

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Fall 2010
My essay Sinuous has won Terrain.org's 2010 Nonfiction Contest.

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July 2010
On the thirtieth summer after the great eruption of Mount St. Helens, a “pulse” of scientists and writers came to continue long-term ecological research (and reflection) of the place. We were there thanks to the combined efforts of the United States Forest Service and Oregon State University’s Spring Creek Project for Ideas, Nature, and the Written Word. We camped in a private campground near the National Monument area and made daily forays into the affected landscape…

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