Elizabeth Dodd

Like Memory, Caverns

box1992 Winner of the Elmer Holmes Bobst Award for Poetry

"Elizabeth Dodd's collection of poetry Like Memory, Caverns is an interesting and welcome addition to the growing number of works by women authors that combine politically astute and artistically sophisticated insights about the natural world with insights about the human body and human relationships; works that firmly and beautifully ground the stories of human lives in geography, landscape, place. Dodd's poems recall works by nature poets Mary Oliver, Pattiann Rogers and Ursula LeGuin, and also prose works such as Terry Tempest Williams's recent Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place. [...] Perhaps its eclectic character is one of the greatest values of this collection for readers and studiers of 'nature writing': Nature writing isn't writing about Nature with a capital N, it is writing about everything." — Gretchen Legler, ISLE (Fall 1993)

Like Memory, Caverns is an elegiac book, mourning losses from the personal to the planetary. Though personal in tone, these graceful, meditative poems reach insistently outward to the natural and social worlds, moving beyond today's confessionalism. In fact, the self keeps disappearing, as the world as it is seen seems to replace the seer. This poetry explores the tenuousness of each individual moment while affirming a necessary—if difficult—existence of the free spirit. Elizabeth Dodd writes a remarkably musical free verse, with her eye kept focused on the tangible significant detail of natural imagery.

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