Elizabeth Dodd

Archetypal Light

box"Elizabeth Dodd's voice is the voice of a land, its living inhabitants, its histories, its stone, its weather. The poems in Archetypal Light bear steady and attentive witness to the concrete specifics of these earthly elements and to the dreams and visions they suggest. 'Imagine the earth as self-elegy, memory articulated...' Dodd suggests. With salt marsh, cedar, harrier, elk, blue mussel, rock climbers, pioneers, and other astonishing panoplies of life, these poems pursue the way of that imaginative stance and discover the expansive heart of themselves in the journey." — Pattiann Rogers

"Elizabeth Dodd leaves no doubt that the focal point of her attention is the interface between people and geography…. With a scope expansive as the vistas of the American West she eloquently admires, Dodd shows that poetry concerned with the intricacies of the natural world can also illuminate human experience in original and compelling ways." — Douglas Haynes, Crab Orchard Review

"Years ago, I heard the author Daniel Keyes refer to a novel he liked as a 'tour de force,' a book that had everything, that hit all of the features of skill and heart one could ask for. Though there have been very few collections of poetry that I have read recently that might be appropriately described using Keyes' phrase, Elizabeth Dodd's Archetypal Light is one of them. This work has it all: lyrical meditations, dramatic monologues, histories, personal poems, love poems, elegies, deep imagery, and more. Overall, it is an impressive book in its intelligence, its skill and its heart." — Scott Minar, Ohioana

"Elizabeth Dodd's poems are spare and useful as knives. Archetypal LIght is a tonic against the cooped-up and clogged feeling of cities and nonsense. Her poems carry us into the radiant silences of the American West where the attentive soul can take on the sacred task of being simultaneously in the moent and outside it, feeling awe and rendering it."
— Michelle Boisseau

Elizabeth Dodd’s world stretches from the lightless cave home of the eyeless, transparent fish known as a blindcat to the imagination of painter Georgia O’Keeffe. Her closely observed images, deep understanding, and sympathy for the natural world, the rhythms of geologic time, and the seasons of the living year are linked in these poems to the vagaries of the human experience, the mysterious truths of life, and the potential of the human heart.

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