Elizabeth Dodd

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Essay appearing in the online journal Ascent

Winner of Terrain.org's 2010 Nonfiction Contest

Setting Forth in Their Footprints
Opening essay from In the Mind's Eye: Essays Across the Animate World

Sunrise on the Medicine Wheel
Orion Magazine, May/June 2008

Winged Omens
Notre Dame Magazine, Autumn 2006

Moonrise Over Chimney Rock
Notre Dame Magazine, Winter 2007/08

The Artists of La Grotte Chauvet
Notre Dame Magazine, Winter 2005/06

An essay from the Georgia Review, Spring 2008


"Lyric" and "Chaco Canyon, New Mexico"
Two poems, as well as an interview with Elizabeth courtesy of Poem of the Week

Hear Elizabeth read her poem in this podcast from OnEarth Magazine

"Taphonomy" and "Parietal" from Archetypal Light

"Event," and "Like Memory, Caverns" from Like Memory, Caverns


Toward the end of this ABC News On Campus video about the migration of the sandhill cranes to the Platt River in Nebraska, you can hear Elizabeth read from a poem about this incredible spectacle. You will have to endure thirty seconds of advertisement before the video begins.

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