Elizabeth Dodd

Prospect: Journeys & Landscapes

boxWinner of the 2004 William Rockhill Nelson Award.

"In these keenly intelligent essays we follow the writer's delving of American landscapes, where bison and tallgrass prairies, elms and elk, 'foolhen' grouse and riparian flora are set forth in cherishable particularities of detail. Though trail-wise and plucky, the author shuns easy effects of self-dramatization in favor of her naturalist’s care and dear concern. Thus from start to finish, the voice is one we trust completely." — Reg Saner, author of Reaching Keet Seel: Ruin’s Echo and the Anasazi

"Dodd has collected an extraordinary group of 16 essays on nature, hiking, and the outdoors. With a deceptively quiet and low-key tone, she skillfully draws the reader into her world of place, change, and loss, weaving the themes of self, memory, nature, and love through the texts. […] In 'Underground,' Dodd discusses a Kansas graveyard and lives that are now only names on stones. Her awe of nature and natural forces are clearly shown in 'Wapiti,' while 'Prospect' poignantly recounts a week in the mountains with her husband. 'Asylum,' the masterwork of the collection, describes the history of an Ohio asylum as well as her mother's mental illness. Striving always to be 'present at one's life,' Dodd pays great attention to even the smallest details and in so doing enriches the reader's sense of life. Highly recommended for literature collections." — Gene Shaw, NYPL

In Prospect, her wise collection of essays, Elizabeth Dodd widens her gaze to peer at the world through a myriad of lenses—natural history, local history, science, anthropology, philosophy, and literature. Offering cultural commentary and personal revelation, she invites the reader on a journey into the heart of life—the life of places, the life of the individual, the life of a culture. It is a journey whose map is continuously being formed out of the matter of the moment.

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